The 7 Stages Of Grief When You Leave Your Pet For College

The 7 Stages Of Grief When You Leave Your Pet For College

When you go away to college, sure you'll miss your friends and family but of course you'll miss your pet the most. It's a bittersweet moment, knowing that you'll be embarking on four years worth of adventures without your best friend.

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For students adjusting to life without a pet, there are 7 stages of grief:

Stage 1: You Get Accepted To College

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Getting the acceptance letter to the school of your choice is incredibly exciting, and for a few minutes, the celebration is off the chain – even your dog seems super happy for you... that is until you notice his tail is wagging to the left.

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Stage 2: Realization

As you're packing up the car, there's the startling realization that you're the one breaking up your pack and are basically the alpha... dick.

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Stage 3: Paranoia

What if your dog starts liking your parents -- or even worse, your sibling -- better than you?

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Stage 4: So Long, Friend

Finally, the time comes to say goodbye. It's tough, but you decide to be strong for the sake of your precious baby. After all, you'll be back at Thanksgiving.

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Stage 5: Drink it Out

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Like most college freshman, you'll start to drink your face off. While others are partying to celebrate their freedom, you're trying to deal with your pet separation anxiety.

Stage 6: Cling to a Friend

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Your new roommate might be able to fill the dog-less void. All seems well for the first few days, till you realize how strange it is that she's so willing to sleep curled up at the foot of your bed.

Stage 7: When You Realize You Just REALLY Need A Pet

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Your friends are sick of your moping, and you all agree that sneaking a fish into the dorm is worth it.

Stage 8: Complete Mental Breakdown

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By midterms, you just can't handle it. You are DYING without your pet.

Stage 9: Thanksgiving!

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You made it!

Although this reunion is a short one, it's just enough snuggling time to tide you through till winter break—when you'll have a whole month to spend with your BFF.

Just be prepared when the whole vicious cycle starts all over again in January:

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