7 Ways to Get Away With Bringing Your Pet to College

7 Ways to Get Away With Bringing Your Pet to College

Going off to college is hard, especially when you're forced to leave behind those you love the most. We're referring to your pets, obviously. But why wait until Thanksgiving to see those big, soulful eyes again? Just hide your dog or cat in your dorm! Here are some how-to tips:

1. Get a Single

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Image Source: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

No need to make things unnecessarily complicated by explaining to your roommate why there's all that Fancy Feast in the mini-fridge. Singles may be small, but at least you'll get some quality time with your pet! Just make sure your RA doesn't pop in unannounced.

2. Loft Your Bed

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Image Source: College Bed Lofts

This one has a couple options: you can put your fur ball's crate under your bed and cover it with that tapestry you bought from the Rasta lady, or you can keep your pet up on the bunk with you, above the typical RA line-of-sight.

3. Plug It In

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Image Source: Dr. Foster Smith

Candles aren't allowed in most dorms, but flameless Plug-Ins are the perfect alternative to mask the animal smell coming from your cramped room. Vanilla-Passion Fruit, anyone?

4. Don't Make Friends

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Image Source: The Meta Picture

Who needs people? You never know who you can trust...and nobody knows you like Mittens does. Limiting social interaction decreases the possibility of rats (the kind your cat can't take care of).

5. Have a Decoy Pet

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Image Source: Toon Clips

Borrow a friend's dog or cat and get "caught" with it. No one would think you'd be dumb enough to have another pet in your room!

6. Train Your Pet to Play Dead

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Image Source: SG Binky

Your pet instantly becomes the most realistic stuffed animal in the world. Please don't squeeze him too hard...

7. Bribe Your RA

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Image Source: Accountancy Age

Usually RA stipends aren't that much, so if the money's right, you have a chance at this one. Plus, it gives you some dirt on them you could use down the line. It might be morally questionable, but little things like morals can't get between you and your pet!

Bonus Tip: Register your pet as an "Emotional Support Animal." Everyone knows how stressful college is, and science shows that pets can be extremely therapeutic for stress. Remember, when you're explaining to the dean, it's not a want. It's a need.


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