It's Raining Cats & Dogs! 11 Pets in their Cutest Rain Gear

It's Raining Cats & Dogs! 11 Pets in their Cutest Rain Gear

Are those clouds in the sky? Thunder in the distance? You've been snowed in all winter and now that it's getting warmer... it's raining?! Don't let a wet day discourage you from going outside with your pet. They're feeling trapped, too!

RainyFinal 1

Image Source: Animalhi

Even if your pet isn't the type that likes to get his fur wet, there are plenty of rainy day ensembles that will keep him high and dry.

Here are 11 pets wearing their rainy day best:

1. Sitting Pretty

RainyFinal 2

Image Source:

This pretty kitty isn't about to let the rain get her fur all puffy! Who has time to go to the pet salon when there are mice out there waiting to be chased?

2. Under My Pup-brella

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Image Source: Aliexpress


Even when it's raining, some pets still like to be naked. This ingenious contraption allows this dog to stay dry while he's still being true to himself.


3. Futuristic Furry

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Image Source: Barkpost


This pup looks like an astronaut in his space-age rain hood.


4. Dino Downpour!

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Image Source: Etsy


Is that a ferocious raptor in the bushes? Or just a friend? It's hard to tell with this adorable rain slicker.


5. Stormy Stag

RainyFinal 6

Image Source: Buzzfeed


A downpour can be fun as long as you're weathering it with a friend!


6. Drizzle Diva

RainyFinal 7

Image Source: Buzzfeed


Some dogs just don't like to get their paws wet.


7. Piggy in a Puddle

RainyFinal 8

Image Source: Peoplepets


This pig is so tiny he just might fall in!


8. Slippery Slug

RainyFinal 9

Image Source: Buzzfeed


We've seen that yellow is the color for animal rain gear, but did you ever think you'd see a yellow raincoat that turns little dogs into slugs?


9. Rain Check!

RainyFinal 10

Image Source: Barkpost


This burgundy buddy hopes that the rain DOESN'T go away.


10. Rainy Day Retrievers

RainyFinal 11

Image Source: Ffffound


This gaggle of goldens couldn't be happier to spend an afternoon in the rain.


11. It's Not Raining THAT Hard

RainyFinal 12


Image Source: Barkpost


You should see what he wears when it's time to take a bath.


Even though it's dreary and wet, it's still better than being snowed in. These rainy day animals prove that all you need to enjoy a storm is some cute gear!


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