7 Videos of Animals “Talking” That’ll Leave You Speechless

7 Videos of Animals “Talking” That’ll Leave You Speechless

 While we all wish we could actually chat with our pets, some inventive YouTubers have made it happen. Or at least they’ve made it seem like it’s happening. Here are our favorite “Talking Pet” videos:

1. Ultimate Dog Tease

In this classic, the dog’s owner makes his mouth water with talk of maple-glazed bacon… only to give it to the cat. I mean does the cat even like maple bacon?!

2. Ask Jupiter

Jupiter’s here to answer all of your questions about how to chill like a cat, and fill you in on what they do when you’re not home—though we don’t know if you’d like the answers.

3. Dog Wants a Kitty

The only tease worse than the tease of food is the tease of a new friend. Luckily, this dog got to meet his new cat pal in the end.

4. Cat Turf War

No need for a cat fight!

5. Cosmic Guinea Pig

There’s nothing like pondering the mysteries of life and the cosmos with a pair of guinea pigs. Steven Hawking would be proud.

6. Angry Kitty

All the dog wants is some love on his birthday and Sylvester won’t have any of it. How rude.

7. Animal Opera

Just because these animals are in the wild doesn’t mean they can’t be cultured.


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