ROAD TRIP! 9 Pets Get Their Kicks on Route 66

ROAD TRIP! 9 Pets Get Their Kicks on Route 66

Windows rolled down, the smell of warm air; wind wiping through your fur ... these pets are ready to hit the open road for an awesome summer vacation!

1. Easy Rider


The road trip itself was just a ruse; all Boscoe really wanted to see was his troubled past in his rearview mirror.

2. Getaway Car


"Louise – it's me, Thelma. Hurry up, grrrrl! We've got places to go, people to see..."

3. Sidecar Shenanigans


Henry didn't care if people laughed at their matching hats. He was proud to be Irish... and looking like a badass leprechaun.

4. Student driver


Constance was so damn cute behind the wheel that we all forgot she didn't know how to read, or drive for that matter. Let's just say heading the wrong way down a one-way street is a total cat-astrophe.

5. Little Red Corvette


The two cat burglars had the robbery all planned out, but boy, they hadn't prepared for the laser detectors to be so shiny, and distracting. After that, the fuzz had no problem catching them – all it took was a little catnip and a quick belly scratch, and the two scoundrels were ready for a catnap... 25 to life!



WHOO-HOOO! Bobby Lee hit it big in the state lottery! Next stop: ATLANTIC CITY!

7. We've Got to Makeup Time


The girls were going to have to step on it if they were going to make the Mary Kay conference in Tampa!



Phyllis was trying to stay calm, but her human was driving like a mad woman. Was there really a rush to get to Palm Springs?

9. Woof Trip


"Are we there yet... squirrel... are we there yet ... squirrel... are we there yet .... CAT!.. are we there yet--?"

Remember, humans: when you take a road trip with your pet, either take the wheel or at least remember to always wear a seatbelt!

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