The Top 10 Cutest Ugly Dog Breeds of All Time

The Top 10 Cutest Ugly Dog Breeds of All Time

DISCLAIMER: We here at Freak4MyPet find all pets adorable and absolutely perfect in every way. No judgment. But ...

Boy, there are some ugly dog breeds out there! So ugly, in fact, they swing all the way around the spectrum back to downright adorable. Here are the top 10 ranking of dogs, from not so fetch to doggone hideous.

10. Pug


Look at that smooshed little face with the sweet button nose sittin' in the middle like it got lost! Pair it all with those big, sad puppy dog eyes and the whole damn picture is irresistibly adorbs.

9. Bulldog


Check out this strong, jowly fellow! He looks like late-career Elvis. And that's still totally a compliment. No matter how much Elvis let himself go, we still loved him tender. And we feel the same way about bulldogs.

8. Azawakh


Not only can't we pronounce his breed name, we also find it painful to look at his protruding ribcage. But then again, maybe it's so big because inside he has a giant heart full of love for you. <<>>

7. Crestoxie


Young puppy or old man? Who cares! This dog has seen a lot and wants to cuddle the crap out of you.

6. Neapolitan Mastiff


This big guy looks like a very old, very dignified Winston Churchill. He was a great man, and likewise, this is a great dog.

5. Bedlington Terrier


So what if this dog looks like a stuffed animal that got put together wrong? We say hug it anyway!

4. Peruvian Inca Orchid


A serious-looking pet, indeed. Because this dog is seriously loveable.

3. English Bull Terrier


This dog looks like a drawing of an alien dog, drawn by a four-year old. And we would hang it on our fridge in a heartbeat! (The drawing! Not the dog.)

2. Chinese Crested


Also known as 'David Bowie as a Dog.' Sure Bowie's a Scary Monster, Super Freak... but then again, so are we. Props to this glam-rock barker.

1. Mexican Hairless Terrier


Guaranteed to crack mirrors with that nasty puss – and crack your heart into a million pieces when it explodes with love for this precious baby.

These dogs may be ugly, but they'll adore you with every ounce of their weird doggy bodies.

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