13 Plus Sized Pets That Are Too Cute to Fat Shame

13 Plus Sized Pets That Are Too Cute to Fat Shame

Dennis, a dieting dachshund, recently made headlines after he lost 44 pounds.

fat 1

Image Source: KSN

This adorable wiener dog lost 75% percent of his body weight after he was rescued from his owner, who fed him White Castle burgers and pizza.

While we're thrilled that Dennis has made a healthy transformation, we can't help squealing over his roly-poly body.

Here are 13 more overweight animals that are too cute to fat shame:

1. This 104-Pound Shiba Inu...

fat 2

Image Source: Barkpost

Looks like this happy hound is about to slip into a peanut butter coma.

2. This Self-Aware Kitty

fat 3

Image Source: Meme LOL

When her owner answered her honestly, this cat made him sleep on the couch for a week!

3. This Substantial Skunk...

fat 4

Image Source: SMOSH

"It's just a thyroid problem, I swear!"

4. Hefty Hamster

fat 5

Image Source: TH3Pictures

Do they make hamster slides in an XL?

5. Burgeoning Bunny

fat 6

Image Source: Flickr

He prefers his carrots in cake form, thank you very much.

6. Fat Ferret

fat 7

Image Source: Tumblr

Looks like this gal is pretty good at ferreting out where the junk food is kept!

7. This Solid Seal...

fat 8

Image Source: Buzzfeed

He might be the slowest swimmer, but this seal is an expert at floating.

8. The Dense Dalmation...

fat 9

Image Source: Dybiz

Has been eating his feelings since he left the Fire Department.

9. This Corpulent Cat...

fat 10

Image Source: Buzzfeed

Would appreciate it if you stopped looking at his man boobs.

10. This Plump Guinea Pig...

fat 11

Image Source: The Chive

Is actually pregnant, but she's so full of roly-poly cuteness!

11. Dennis Quaid's Pug...

fat 12

Image Source: VH1

Is about to sign up for next season's Celebrity Pet Fit Club.

12. A Title Winner...

fat 13

Image Source: Buzzfeed

The hedgehog on the right is Regina, currently the world's fattest competing hedgehog.

13. This Literal Babysitter...

fat 14

Image Source: Buzzfeed

She's the best one in the business, until her client outgrows her.

If anyone suggests these animals need to go on a strict diet, or dares to fat-shame them, just tell the plus-size cuties:

fat 15

Image Source: Quick Meme


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