Say Hello to the Newest Breed of Internet Star: the Munchkin Cat

Say Hello to the Newest Breed of Internet Star: the Munchkin Cat


Thanks to Internet cat-lebrities like Yoda, Munchkin cats are the "it" new breed of feline:

Now everyone is going crazy over these short-legged cats (that technically are the result of an adorable genetic mutation.)


They kind of look like a typical house cat that's been crossed with a dachshund or a corgi.


And we're totally obsessed with them:

They are experts at standing up on their own two feet:

They're incredibly noble, in spite of their short stature:


They can be total goof balls:


And they're more than happy to spend the day in front of the TV:


But when they're ready to waddle, WATCH OUT!

So now that Munchkin cats have pranced their way into your heart:

Isn't it time to adopt a low-riding kitty of your own?

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Boredom Therapy


The Chive


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