These 9 Pets Prove that Any Body Can Be Bikini Ready

These 9 Pets Prove that Any Body Can Be Bikini Ready

It's time to hit the beach, and apparently asking, "Am I bikini ready?" is not just for humans anymore!

These 9 pets certainly are ready, and they didn't even need to go on a three-week detox prior to rocking their first two-piece of the summer!

1. Body By K9


"What's my secret? Pilates, a push-up bra, and a ThighMaster tucked away in my tote."

2. Splash Off, Esther Williams


"Excuse me, is this the Aqua Meowrobics class?"

3. Pretty in Pink


Prissy Pig is on a mission to prove that although you can't put lipstick on a pig, you CAN put on an adorable pink bikini, and she'll look hotter than you any day.

4. Fab, Furry & Fit


This is what we call Arm Chair Body Positivity.

5. Just Call Her Spike


Don't let the frilly bikini fool you – she'll cream you in beach volleyball.

6. Cowabunga Chihuahua!


He might be small, but when it comes to surfing, this dawg is the Big Kahuna.

7. Too Hare-y for a Bikini?


This bunny decided to forgo the Brazilian and let it all hang out.

8. She Prefers Banana Boat Tanning Oil


"How do you like my orangu-tan?"

9. The Opposite of Topless Sunbathing


"Excuse me, buddy -- my eyes are up here!"

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