Ready for a Serotonin Rush? Check Out These 8 Big Dogs & Little Babies

Ready for a Serotonin Rush? Check Out These 8 Big Dogs & Little Babies

Johnny Depp once said, "The only creatures evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants." Put them together? See if you can even stand it.

1. Doggone Cute


Now this is the most adorable Pillow Pet we've ever seen!

2. Pooped Partners


Probably from too much dancing cheek to cheek.

3. Canine Wisdom


It's a long road ahead, but so much shorter when you're on it together.

4. Dog Bed


"Yes, hello, we'd like to return our mattress."

5. Who's More Dangerous?


And now for a moment of gratitude that this pup's bark is worse than his bite. The baby's on the other hand – not so much!

6. Lending a Helping Hound


Deny it all you want, but that's totally what you look like when you're home alone at night.

7. Which Way to the Palace?


Is there a better accessory for a princess than a handsome prince?

8. Ladies' Choice


Bows ALWAYS make the outfit.

We finally found the reason for everything that went wrong in childhood. We didn't have gigantic dogs as best friends... Bummer.

Photo Attributions:

Bored Panda

Anskus Kammare




Au Natural

Gaby Taangeles

Live Laugh Do


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