13 Muddy Puppies About to Get Their Paw Prints All Over Your Heart

13 Muddy Puppies About to Get Their Paw Prints All Over Your Heart

Now that the snow is finally melting, dogs all over the country are running to the nearest mud puddle for a long-awaited chance to splash, frolic, and roll in that liquid dirt.

Here are 13 dogs that just had the time of their lives rolling around in the mud:

1. Shaggy Dog

 MuddyPup 1

Image Source: Adventure - Austrialia

You don't need to be able to see his eyes to know how happy this little guy is.

2. Muddy Puppy

MuddyPup 2

Image Source: Buzzfeed

Someone just got in trouble for finding her first mud puddle!

3. Filthy Fido

MuddyPup 3

Image Source: Buzzfeed

This dog is proof that there's something behind all those mud baths that sell at spas.

4. Dramatic Paws

MuddyPup 4

Image Source: Pixdaus 

Just wait till those adorable paws get all over your kitchen floors.

5. Panting Pal

MuddyPup 5

Image Source: Buzzfeed

Who's a good boy who just found a pile of dirt?

6. Dirty Little Dog

MuddyPup 6

Image Source: Pinimg

This sweetheart looks like she just broke into Willy Wonka's factory.

7. Don't Let His Cuteness Distract You...

MuddyPup 7

Image Source: Just Call Me Grace

He's about to jump into your arms and bring you down into the mud with him!

8. Muddy Mutt

MuddyPup 8

Image Source: Buzzfeed

What? It's just one of those fancy mud facials... but free.

9. Backyard Buddies

MuddyPup 9

The mud puddle was HOW deep?

10. Filthy Face

MuddyPup 10

Image Source: Let's Smile Today

A muddy mug that only a dog groomer could love.

11. A Dog With Her Prey...

MuddyPup 11

Image Source: Pinterest

Hiding in that puddle won't save you, tennis ball.

12. Loving the Great Outdoors

MuddyPup 12

Image Source: BDWS

Is there any greater joy then running around in the grass after a long winter?

13. Bathtub Bandit

MuddyPup 13

Image Source: Reddit

The verdict on this pup is... guilty! Just look at all those prints.

If your canine friend comes home covered in mud, don't be angry! They're just expressing delight at being able to enjoy the great outdoors. And let's be real, if you didn't have to clean up after yourself, wouldn't you be jumping in mud puddles too?


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