11 Pets That Get an A+ on Back to School Readiness

11 Pets That Get an A+ on Back to School Readiness

School is back in session for most of the country, but that doesn't mean your pets have to stay home alone. In fact, here are 11 pets that are psyched to go back with you!

1. This Dog with The Ironic Backpack



2. This Bunny That's Had Her First Day Outfit Picked Since July


Sure, it's a little Spring 2016, but Bunnies like to stay one hop ahead of the trends.

3. This Pup Who'd Never Let a Little Weather Stop Him


He's ready no matter what the forecast... and matches the yellow school bus to boot!

4. This Kitty That Didn't Finish Her Summer Reading


"Call of the Wild? It's an exhausting notion for a domestic like me."

5. This Meerkat Who Says "Hakuna Matata" to a New School Year.


It means "no worries"... which is easy for him to say because he's already gotten accepted to his dream school.

6. This Dog Who's Taking 4 AP Classes and Running for Student Council President.


It's gonna be a long year.

7. This Kitten Who Just Needs to Spell Check One More Time.


"What do you mean "haz cheezburgers" isn't grammatically correct?"

8. This Turtle Who Can't Remember What He Saved His Paper As.


It's an essay about why tortoises are better than hares.

9. This Sloth Who Shows Up Late Every Day.


It's not his fault it takes him an hour to walk one foot.

10. These Cats Who Had to Re-take Class a Third Time.


Now if the class was goldfish intimidation, and not pre-calc, they would've aced it the first time around.

11. This Dog Who's Been Taking SAT Classes All Summer.


It's Yale or Bust – you can't blame a pup for choosing a school by its mascot (Go, Bulldogs!) 

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