10 Hilarious Takes on Dogs Playing Poker... Plus 1 Wild Card

10 Hilarious Takes on Dogs Playing Poker... Plus 1 Wild Card

In 1903, C. M. Coolidge was commissioned to do a series of paintings for cigar boxes with the title "Dogs Playing Poker." The collection, which included 16 oil paintings, has become synonymous with clichéd suburban American décor.

Here are 11 artists who have played with the hand Coolidge dealt to hilarious effect:

1. Cheating Canines


This artist painted over the classic Waterloo painting to make five out of the seven dogs into beloved Hanna Barbera characters. We always knew that Bandit was a bit of a scoundrel, but Scrappy Doo, too? Ruh-roh is all we have to say.

2. Take the Dogs for an Ewok


In this re-creation artist I.C. Kessler has reimagined the canine card players as Ewoks . Endor Hold'em anyone?

3. Legion of Superpets


Artist Jesse Rubenfeld's "A Super Bluff" is a riff on Coolidge's painting "A Bold Bluff. In it he's turned this poker game into one with super high stakes – the destiny of the universe. Smart money's on the Superpet with the X-ray vision.

4. Backdoor Birds


Angry Birds might have the best poker faces EVER – the unchanging scowl makes it seem like they have nothing when in fact they could have a Royal Flush. Artist Jeff Sydor's brilliant take on "A Friend In Need" isn't just a hilarious parody – it's also a great idea for an app.

5. Pony Up!


Friendship may be magic, but that doesn't mean they won't take all of your money.

6. Intergalactic Aces


Word to the wise: never play poker with Data as your dealer – his positronic brain gives him no choice BUT to count cards. Still, the bots have our bet.

7. Kill Game


For a serious high stakes game, try playing a hand with Mr. Pink.

8. The Gods of Poker


We don't want to know what they're playing for.

9. Say "Fold" to End Game


Their winning cards were clearly in another castle.

10. Holy Full House, Batman!


Artist Jon Haverstick has seriously stacked the deck with this full house of liars, cheaters, and thieves.

11. A Hungry Hungry Hippo Hand


Because not everything has to be as serious as poker.

Play on, Playah!

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