These 13 Little Piggies Celebrated National Pig Day

These 13 Little Piggies Celebrated National Pig Day

On March 1st, this great country celebrated National Pig Day. The holiday is mostly observed in the Midwest with “pig parties” where revelers tie pink curly tails to trees, and sip pink piggy punch. 

If you couldn’t make it to this year’s big pig parade, don’t panic. We’ve found 13 perfect pigs for you to ogle over so you can participate in National Pig Day right at your desk. 

Here are 13 pigs we’re hog-wild about: 

1. This Spotted Piglet…

Pig 1

Image Source:

This little guy is angling for a piggyback ride. 

2. This Little Piggy…

Pig 2

Image Source:

Is the cutest creature in the barnyard… and he knows it. 

3. Meet Chris P. Bacon (we didn’t name him!)…

Pig 3

Image Source:

Chris was born without the use of his hind legs, so his owner made him a tiny wheelchair made out of Kinex! 

4. These Preening Pretties…

Pig 4

Image Source:

Priscilla and Poppleton are Instagram stars who like to dress up and look pretty in pink!

5. This Cuddly Cutie…

Pig 5

Image Source:

Who knew a SNOUT could be the cutest part of the body?

6. Sweet Dreams…

Pig 6

Image Source:

Esther the Wonder Pig is dreaming that pigs can fly. 

7. These Swimming Swine…

Pig 7

Image Source:

In the Bahamas, wild pigs will swim right out to your boat! Who cares about mermaids now? 

8. This Wooly Wonder

Pig 8

Image Source:

Mangalitsas are wooly “sheep-pigs” that hail from Austria and Hungary. They’re extra cute and extra-delicious, so Mangalitsas are nearing extinction. 

9. This Hygenic Hog…

Pig 9

Image Source:

And people use the word “pig” to describe someone who’s filthy. How rude! 

10. These Timid Tigers…

Pig 10

Image Source:

When this mama tiger got depressed over the loss of her cubs, zookeepers dressed piglets up as tigers and encouraged her to mother them. 

11. This Porcine Poser

Pig 11

Image Source:

Louie the pig thinks he’s a dog and even competes alongside them in canine obstacle courses. And you thought pigs were lazy!

12. These Precious Porkers…

Pig 12

Image Source:

When it comes to piglets, we’re all about that bass (and their cute curly tails!)

13. This Little Oinkster…

Pig 13

Image Source:

Was excited to celebrate National Pig Day with his other piggy pals! 

When it comes to cuteness, these 13 pigs really bring home the bacon. Now that you’ve celebrated National Pig Day, treat yourself!

Pig 14 

Image Source:


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