Doggie 'Do's and Don'ts: How to Safely Dye Your Pet's Fur

Doggie 'Do's and Don'ts: How to Safely Dye Your Pet's Fur

Is there anything cuter than a puppy with a purple Mohawk? If you're as freaky as we are, you love perking up your pooch with a colorful dye job. But even though rainbow pets are totally on point nowadays, it doesn't mean you should throw all caution to the wind.

Here are a few must-do's when giving your baby a fabulous new 'do --

1. Don't Use Human Hair Dye


This is super important: human hair dye often contains chemicals which can be harmful to a dog's skin and, more horrifying, to his or her internal organs as well if your pet licks it (which, face it, is inevitable).

2. Instead, Use Food Coloring or a Homemade Natural Dye


For the DIY doggie stylist, we suggest non-permanent solutions such as natural food dyes from a health food store or juice from a colorful fruit or veggie (i.e., beets, spinach, strawberries, or blackberries). Also, make sure you're using a food that is safe for the dog to ingest – so NO GRAPE JUICE!

3. Consider Going to a Pro


You go to the beauty parlor... so why are you holding out on your best friend? There are many groomers that carry dog-safe dyes and are also skilled at applying them. It might cost a bit, but c'mon – it's totally worth it when you debut your baby's new look at the local dog park and make all the mutts (and their masters) totally jealous.

4. Make Sure Your Dog Can Handle the Attention


If you have a shy dog, it's best to stay away from altering their fur. Some dogs love the increased attention, others will be totally freaked out by all those random strangers pulling up to pat their pretty colorful heads. Your pet may just prefer the natural look.

5. Stick to Simplicity


Dying your dog's hair can be a fun way to make your dog stand out, but it's a fine line between pet freak on fleek and fashion faux-paws. Think WWBD? (What would Beyoncé do), and go from there.

For all of the doggie 'do's, when it comes to dying your pooch's pelt, there are plenty of doggie don't's. So keep calm and color on!

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