9 Dogs With Tongues That Would Make Gene Simmons Jealous

9 Dogs With Tongues That Would Make Gene Simmons Jealous

All dogs love to show how much they love you by giving you a big old lick. But it might shock you how large some of those tongues actually are... even in the smallest of pups!

Here are 9 dogs with tongues that are sure to give you Plus Size kisses.

1. Jar Jar Licks


So no peanut butter EVER goes to waste.

2. First Prize Tongue


He has a blue ribbon in slobber.

3. Tongue ON Cheek


Also gives new meaning to "tongue-tied."

4. Love-struck Licker


You're looking tastier than a bucket o' bacon – and that's a compliment.

5. I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat....


I did, I did... and he was delicious!

6. Stone Cold Slobber


Let's hope everyone's fur includes water-repellent coating.

7. Unimpressed by Your Tongue


He's both judging AND mocking you.

8. World's Derpiest Dog


"My tongue is always out because I always want to give you kisses because I love you. [SLUUURRRRPPPP!]"

9. And the winner is...


Brandy the Boxer! Brandy holds the Guinness World Record for longest tongue at 17 inches. She easily has that record licked!

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