Tiny Pets that Will Make Your Life So Much Bigger

Tiny Pets that Will Make Your Life So Much Bigger

 When you live in a small space, having a pet may seem out of reach. But before you dash those big dreams of yours, check out these miniature animals that will warm your heart and expand your pet horizons.

1. African Pygmy Hedgehogs


These hand-sized honeys are no more than eight inches long when fully grown! Just try to avoid clapping for joy when you adopt your pet hedgehog.

2. Tropical Girded Lizard or Dwarf Sungazer Lizard


Are you a Game of Thrones fanatic with an urge to adopt a pet but don't have the room for a dire wolf? Consider picking up a Tropical Girded Lizard – it's basically a miniature Dragon and is guaranteed to make you feel like a Khaleesi in your own home.

3. Hamsters


Hamsters are THE classic pet for small places. Consider baby hamsters: tinier, cuter, and even more adorable than their full-grown counterparts. And if you wish they'd never get bigger, consider a Russian Dwarf Hamster that is permanently miniature and also apparently not a bad break dancer:

4. Sea Monkeys


Who wouldn't want "a bowl full of happiness" and "instant pets"? You don't have to be a GenXer to love sea monkeys, which are "so eager to please, they can even be trained." Technically they're not monkeys – they're specially developed brine shrimp – but that said, if you are craving more fun but don't have room for a barrel of monkeys, then Sea Monkeys are the perfect microscopic pets for you!

5. Mini Turtles


You're already living in a tight space – doesn't it make sense, then, to adopt a pet that comes complete with its own home? Be aware that buying a baby turtle under 4" long in the U.S. is illegal, so either rescue your own, or get it from a litter.

6. Finger Monkeys


Wanna monkey around, but worried that your pad is too puny? Consider a Pygmy Marmoset, also known as a Finger Monkey. While these pets won't physically occupy much space, they will eat up a lot of your time in caring for them AND a chunk of your money, as they can cost up to $4,000.00 to adopt. Also, be sure to check with Born Free USA to make sure it's legal in your state to own a finger monkey.

7. Sugar Gliders


These miniature marsupials are the sweetest exotic pets ever! They are also extremely social little suckers, so it's best to adopt a pair. Double the love!

Regardless of what tiny animal you choose to take in, you'll be livin' large when you share your life with one of them!

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