Celebrate the Chinese New Year with these 11 Wooly Animals

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with these 11 Wooly Animals

It’s the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, so that means it’s time to celebrate the Year of the Sheep! 

ChineeseNewYear 1

Image Source: mb.com

While some scholars are arguing that the Year of the Sheep is actually all about goats… or rams, we can agree that all wooly creatures are worthy of praise and adoration. 

Here are 11 cutie patootie wool-wearing friends in honor of the Chinese Lunar New Year. 

1. This Little Lamb!

ChineeseNewYear 2

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

It’s nice to meet ewe! 

2. Throw Your Hooves Up in the Air!

ChineeseNewYear 3

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

Did you know that all lambs do this when they’re picked up? Guess we’ve got to find ourselves some lambs to lift. 

3. Roam Where You Want To…

ChineeseNewYear 4

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

This sheep is taking a year off to frolic cross-country.  

4. Shaggy Hair, Don’t Care…

ChineeseNewYear 5

Image Source: 500px.com

This fuzzy guy is a Swiss Mountain Sheep and he can’t wait to ring in the New Year. 

5. Homeward Bound

ChineeseNewYear 6

Image Source: elliottneep.photoshelter.com

This lamb was being BAAAAAAAAAD, so he’s going home from school early. 

6. Wooly Daredevils

ChineeseNewYear 7

Image Source: contentinacottage.blogspot.com

Man, sheep will follow their shepherd anywhere. 

7. Pleased to Bleat You!

ChineeseNewYear 8

Image Source: zsazsabellagio.blogspot.com

If he keeps practicing, this baby goat could find himself on the next installment of Goats Yelling Like Humans:

8. Seeking Membership in the Red Hat Society

ChineeseNewYear 9

Image Source: pinterest.com

We think this sheep should have stuck with her natural wool color.

9. Radiant Ram

ChineeseNewYear 10

Image Source: linenandlavender.net

This ram is just the majestic creature we need to bring us into the New Year! 

10. Precious Pygmy

ChineeseNewYear 11

Image Source: durhamtownship.com

Don’t you wish your kid was this cute? 

11. You’ve Goat to Be Kidding Me

ChineeseNewYear 12
Image Source: viralnova.com

This goat can’t wait to see the New Year’s parade. 

Now that you’ve seen these wooly wonders, it’s time to light the lanterns for the Lunar New Year! It doesn’t matter whether you believe this is the Year of the Sheep, the Goat, or the Ram… if you love animals you’re bound to have a lucky New Year!


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