Adorable Animals with Their Stuffed Animal Besties

Adorable Animals with Their Stuffed Animal Besties

Do you still have your favorite childhood stuffed animal?  There’s a serious bond that happens between a child and their Teddy bear… or a puppy and his cuddle buddy.  For some reason, animals are twice as cute when they’re cozying up to a fabric friend. 

We’ve found 13 extra-adorable examples of baby animals snuggling with their stuffed animal besties.

1. Cat Nap!

AnimalsWithToys 1

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This orange kitty is the most PURRfect thing to squeeze. 

2. Plush Piglets!

AnimalsWithToys 2

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If you were this cute, you’d be spooning with a life-sized version of yourself, too. 

3. You’re Coming With Me!

AnimalsWithToys 3

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A friendship so strong, there should be a Disney film about it! 

4. Hug the One You’re With

AnimalsWithToys 4

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Wouldn’t these two be the cutest pair to wake up next to? 

5. A Sloth and His Cloth

AnimalsWithToys 5

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Since sloths sleep most of the day away, it’s a good thing he’s got someone to share his snoozing with. 

6. Puppy Love

AnimalsWithToys 6

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When you are a puppy with a personalized pillow, you’re bound to have sweet dreams. 

7. Cheese Dreams

AnimalsWithToys 7

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No one was stirring, not even a (Teddy-hugging) mouse. 

8. Husky Hibernation

AnimalsWithToys 8

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The puppies were all snug in their beds while visions of Frisbees whizzed by in their heads! 

9. Foxy Friend

AnimalsWithToys 9

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This fox is really getting into the “love thyself” mindset. 

10. Otterly Adorable

AnimalsWithToys 10

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Hey buddy—would you like it if someone chewed on you like that?

11. Golden Slumbers

AnimalsWithToys 11

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Don’t worry, puppy, no one would ever try to separate you two! 

12. Too Cute to Bear

AnimalsWithToys 12

Image Source:

We’d be hibernating too if we had someone this cute to hunker down with. 

13. How Do You Choose?

AnimalsWithToys 13

Image Source:

Just because you are stuck with a cone does not mean you can have all the toys, Mister. 

Now that you’re tuckered out from looking that those cute fluffy-toy loving pets, hold onto your favorite stuffed animal and dream of the warm fuzzies. 


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