11 Adorable Pint Size Pups (Other Than Chihuahuas)

11 Adorable Pint Size Pups (Other Than Chihuahuas)

Everybody loves puppies, but they eventually get older and much, much bigger. If you don't have a large space to accommodate their growth, things can get tricky. Here are 11 breeds of dogs that are perfect for small spaces, but still big on love!

1. Pugs


Not to be confused with bulldogs who can grow to be absolute giants!

2. Toy Poodles


They're cute even without silly haircuts.

3. Pomeranians


Bonus: Cut their hair right and they look like little teddy bears!

4. Pomskys


A hybrid Pomeranian and husky, Pomskys are the pocket sized wolf you always wanted!

5. Havanese


Fluffy, elegant, and hypoallergenic!

6. Beagles


The original hunting dog will only get to about 25 lbs, so they're perfect for some outdoorsy love!

7. Yorkshire Terriers


A recent "it" pet, yorkies have boomed in the past few years due to their lack of shedding and ability to fit in your pocket.

8. King Charles Spaniel


King Charles Spaniels are a naturally well-behaved classic breed with puppy dog eyes...forever!

9. Miniature Pinscher


Can't commit to a full sized Doberman? Min Pins are the way to go.

10. Pekingese


Even though they look perpetually squished, that just makes them even cuter.

11. Chinese Crested


Tiny dogs that are virtually hairless, save for a killer natural Mohawk.

So if you're a pet freak but don't have a lot of room, try one of these smaller dogs and fill your heart, not your house!

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