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by casadelgatto (Derek Bernstein)

For $1,350 you can keep solicitors away and horrify your guests!

by GoodieTees

It’s a cat made out of pizza. Your prayers have been answered.

by Dripface

Look me in the eyes.

by DemiurgusDreams (Evgeny Hontor)

Have you dreamt your entire life of owning a 7-inch cat/dragon figurine? Well hold onto your hats because this figurine can be yours for only $1,2800.

by GoGAGA4Art (Suzie Turner)

If your cat doesn’t like to cuddle, you can always cuddle with a pillow photo version of your cat. That’s not creepy at all.

by RCTees (Toni)

If you think loving beer and football makes you a real man, you’re wrong.

by StitchLabMinnesota (Laura Whitney)

Perfect for when you just need to take a catnap.

by missionthread (Torsten)

We all know explaining your relationship status can get tedious. This shirt does it for you!

by TickedTealBoutique

Plus, you can have the artist hand-write a personalized message on the back. Such a purrrr-fect gift for the cat-lover in your life.

by TopLondonPrints (Liam D’Arcy)

There are even different versions to match your personality. Are you punk rock? Punk kitty is for you. Do you want to be an astronaut? Make room for NASA kitty.

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by SilverLiningsByNoel (Noel Wood)

The symbol that signifies you have pledged yourself forever to catlady-dom.

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by Lickstarter (Liega Zelgalve)

Whether you’re way too into your cat or you’re curious about the literal interpretation of anatomy slang, we found the perfect gift for you.

As much as we love our pets, having an indoor/outdoor cat is flat-out maddening. You don't own an indoor/outdoor cat; your cat owns you. Sure you can try locking your doors, but we can promise you that your kitty won't stop scratching windows, pulling up carpets, and meowing in your face until he gets his way.

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by bitchknits (Kolbe)

The battle to get this on your cat will be epic. Blood will be shed. But oh so worth it.

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Image Source: Metafilter

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