7 Ways Koalas Have It Better Than You

7 Ways Koalas Have It Better Than You

If you could spend your days hanging out with friends and family in a super mellow, stress-free state, as cute as can be but with a name that makes you sound fiercer than you really are, wouldn't life be perfect?


This is how koala bears roll, and it's also why these adorable marsupials have it better than you.

Here are the top 7 ways you wish you were as koalawesome as they are!

1. They sleep 18-22 hours per day.


Awwwwwww.... This sleepy fuzz ball gives new meaning to the expression "sweet dreams"!

2. The few hours they are awake they spend eating.

A Koala eating is like a 200-pound man eating 25 pounds of food per day. But yes, your low-calorie diet is probably great.

3. They have extra-roomy pouches.


And thanks to that handy built-in functionality, they never lose their babies OR their phones!

4. They eat eucalyptus leaves, which makes them seem drugged out – other animals have no tolerance for the toxicity of the plants.


Think of koalas as the Steven Tylers of the marsupial set.

5. They get piggyback rides ALL THE TIME!


This whole walking thing is totally overrated.

6. They love to cuddle.



7. They're soooo chill, dude.


"All I need is this tree, and I'm good, man."

Sooooo, koala bears spend their lives gorging themselves, snoozing as much as possible, and cuddling when they're not eating or sleeping... while we humans spend our lives watching what we eat, are sleep deprived, over-worked, and stressed out.

See ya later, human kind, we'll be in Australia hanging with the koalas!

Photo Attributions:
Travis via Creative Commons
Alex O'Loughlin
Attack of the Cute


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