Television Has Gone to the Dogs: Our Favorite Canine TV Stars

Television Has Gone to the Dogs: Our Favorite Canine TV Stars

2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the beloved PBS series Wishbone. Children of the 90s have fond memories of the program, which featured a talking pup that liked to imagine himself into the best scenes from classic literature.

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Wishbone isn't the only pooch to enchant television audiences over the years. Here's a list of nine other pups who've made an impression on TV lovers and pet lovers alike.

1. Paul Anka from Gilmore Girls

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The world of television may never again feature a dog as nutty as Paul Anka. Named after the Canadian crooner, this pooch was scared of peas, paperback books, tissue holders, and rawhide bones. Paul Anka truly epitomized the phrase "barking mad."


2. Happy from 7th Heaven

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In this squeaky clean depiction of family life, Happy was the most believable (and the cutest) member of the Camden household.

3. Comet from Full House

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Image Source: The Real Full House Reviewed

We're sure many golden-haired beauties can claim that they've been in John Stamos' bed. But Comet was actually born in Uncle Jesse's bed in a 1989 episode of Full House.


4. Buck from Married...With Children

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Before Ed O'Neill started hanging out with Stella the French bulldog on Modern Family, he played the owner of a Briard named Buck on Married...With Children. Like Wishbone, this shaggy dog could speak, but none of humans could actually hear his rude remarks.

5. Murray from Mad About You

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 A two-time winner of TV Guide's Most Popular Dog award, Murray brought the Buchman family happiness for seven seasons on the 1990's sitcom Mad About You. A recurring joke on the show found Murray excitedly chasing a mouse that didn't really exist. This always ended with him crashing into a wall. But don't worry, we're sure Murray had his own stunt dog!


6. Eddie from Frasier

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Throughout Frasier's 11 year run, Eddie struck a chord with audiences and gained worldwide fame. He's appeared on magazine covers, "written" a book with author Brian Hargrove, and consistently received more fan mail than any of his human co-stars. Why this superstar pooch didn't get his own spinoff is beyond us!


6. Lassie from Lassie

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No matter how many times Timmy got stuck in a well throughout Lassie's various incarnations, this trusty collie was always there to save the day! Lassie has been featured in 6 major films, several books and many television series. He might be the most famous dog in TV history!

7. Shelby from Smallville

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Faster than a speeding Frisbee, more powerful than a tug of war rope, able to leap tall fences in a single bound—Clark Kent's dog, Shelby, could do all this and more after being injected with a serum concocted by scientists working for the dastardly Lex Luthor. Shelby only made sporadic appearances on Smallville, but when he did, he always used his powers to defend truth, justice, and the canine way.

8. Chester from The Nanny

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Image Source: Tumblr

Although this playful Pomeranian portrayed a dog owned by Mr. Sheffield's cruel business partner C.C. Babcock, his real-life owner was The Nanny herself, Fran Drescher. In one of the CBS sitcom's most memorable episodes, Chester was accused of devouring Shari Lewis' famous puppet, Lamb Chop. Hey, a dog's gotta eat.

Now that you've seen these talented pets, are you thinking about enrolling your pups into Doggie Acting School? If you and your furry friends don't have Hollywood dreams, you can always cuddle up and watch the greatest pets on Netflix!


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