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It's no question that it's doggone hard to make it to Broadway. But when a musical calls for a mutt, these four-legged thespians work like, uhm, dogs to deliver a-paws worthy performances.

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2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the beloved PBS series Wishbone. Children of the 90s have fond memories of the program, which featured a talking pup that liked to imagine himself into the best scenes from classic literature.

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Wishbone isn't the only pooch to enchant television audiences over the years. Here's a list of nine other pups who've made an impression on TV lovers and pet lovers alike.

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We’ve already put a spotlight on animals who’ve walked the red carpet… 

…but these following animal actors straight up deserve an award. They’ve all appeared in multiple roles, making them versatile A-list stars. 

Here are 9 of our favorite animal actors who are more than one trick ponies:

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How many times has a cute creature kept you from changing channels during a commercial? It is a proven fact that pet lovers will be 1,000 times more likely to be interested in an ad that features an adorable animal. (Someone should tell Don Draper.) 

Here are 9 of our favorite all-time animal ad-men and women.

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They say that you can’t take it with you, so some pet lover’s are leaving it all…to their pets! And by some, we mean a lot. There are over a million wills in the U.S. alone that mention animal beneficiaries. 

So if you ever need a loan, consider giving out belly rubs to the 9 richest animals in the world. 

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Did you know that a dog actually won the Best Actor Oscar at the very first Academy Awards ceremony in 1929? 

Rin Tin Tin, Hollywood’s favorite German Shepherd, actually received the most votes for the big prize. But members of the Academy wanted people to think that their award was serious and prestigious, so they skipped over the dog in favor of silent actor Emil Jannings.

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