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Cat people are stereotypically thought to be crazy spinsters who only leave their home when they have to stock up on cat food and treats. While there are plenty of introverts that validate this cliché, there are also some very prominent, extroverted people that fight that narrow definition, and demonstrate that fabulous people love cats, too.

Here are nine famous people you might be surprised to learn are cat lovers:

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Stars, they're just like us! (In that they CANNOT resist taking selfies with adorable pets. #Pelfies, if you will.)

We've scoured the deep dark recesses of Instagram to find you the greatest celebrity pet selfies in existence.

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When you're a celebrity, you have to sit through hundreds of boring photo-shoots. To shake things up a bit, some stars allow photogenic felines to share the lens with them. Unfortunately, it's obvious that no one ever taught these celebrities how to pose with a cat.

Here are 13 times celebrities inexplicably had their pictures taken with an attractive cat:

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Remember in 2013 when Justin Bieber had a pet capuchin named Mally? For five weeks, the baby monkey was the star of Bieber's Instagram feed, until he was abandoned at a German airport when Bieber couldn't produce the proper documentation for the customs officials.

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