How 9 Cat Lovers Turned Their Homes into Epic Cat Playgrounds

How 9 Cat Lovers Turned Their Homes into Epic Cat Playgrounds

Greg Krueger has spent the last 15 years creating a cat utopia out of his Minnesota home:

fun cat house 1

Image Source: Oddity Central

The house is a kitty play paradise, complete with nooks, crannies, ledges, and tunnels. There's even a hidden passage that leads to a catnip garden!

Image Source: CBS Local, Minnesota

Krueger's renovations aren't over yet, though. He says that he's constantly thinking about ways to do more for his feline friends, who seem pretty content with their cat-centric home:

fun cat house 2

Image Source: Capture Minnesota

Kruger isn't the only cat lover to turn their home into a cat house. We've found a few other feline fanatics that went above and beyond for their furry housemates:

1. A couple from San Francisco decided that steampunk kitty tunnels would be purr-fect for their home office. These tunnels line the room's perimeter, allowing for a solid circuit for their cats to run around and explore.

fun cat house 3

Image Source: Houzz

When they're ready for a break, the cats can supervise their owners' work while hanging out on an awesomely industrial perch.

fun cat house 4

Source: Houzz

2. Japanese builder Asahi Kasei also created a home designed specifically for cat-optimization. This means cats have easy access to high places, fun tunnels, and hidey-holes. There's even a shared bathroom/litter box area, complete with privacy wall... for those times when you and your cat NEED to go to the bathroom at the exact same time:

fun cat house 5

Source: Neatorama

Indoor kitties can get fresh air and sunrays on the cat deck and fenced in outdoor area:

fun cat house 6

Image Source: Neatorama

3. Bob Walker and Frances Mooney decided that their 9 cats deserved the Jungle Gym, a 140-foot long cat highway that allows their kitties a clear path from the bedroom to the living room:

fun cat house 7

Image Source: Neatorama

The couple has written a few cat books, and they even have a website dedicated to their unique home life!

fun cat house 8

Source: Neatorama

Now that you've seen how other cat lovers are going above and beyond for their pets, don't you feel guilty for living in a house that's so human-centric?


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