9 Times Animals Were Total D-Bags to Other Animals

9 Times Animals Were Total D-Bags to Other Animals

We thought human beings were the only animals capable of total dickery. These animal d-bags proved us wrong.

1. Ms. Kitty Sleeps With The Fishes

Image Source: Giphy

“What’s that they always say? Cats like water, right? Right? Let’s see. OH THEY DON’T? MY BAD. MUAHAHAHAHA.”

2. Ambushed!

Image Source: Giphy

Well, that’s what you get when you try to go through the cat flap.

3. FWAP.


Image Source: So Pawsome

“Penguin? More like peng-LOSE.”

4. It’s The Little Ones You Have to Look Out For

Image Source: Gifbin

Anyone who’s seen The Birds knows that that tiger has a very good reason to be scared.

5. Dat Booty, Tho

Image Source: Fanpop

“Resist the temptation, Seymour. Don’t do it—OH SCREW IT. I’ll be in noms noms for days!”

6. Vomit Comet

Image Source: We Know Gifs

“You fall for the old, ‘let’s see if we can create artificial gravity’ trick every time, Bill!”

7. What a Butthead

Image Source: Giphy

“GOAT YA! Suck on that pun, human!”

8. We Have Liftoff!

Image Source: Gifbin

“Wanna see a neat trick, Bambi? It’s called MAKING YOU FLY HALF-WAY ACROSS THE FORREST. BOOM.”

9. Majesty Of The Sea

Image Source: Gifbin

“I’m sorry, did I step on your gorgeous moment? MY BAD, CLARENCE.”

Now that you’ve seen these animal d-bags, you’ll never feel guilty about messing with people again. Thanks, animals!


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