7 Fandom Cat Trees that are Purrfectly Geeky

7 Fandom Cat Trees that are Purrfectly Geeky

You freak for your cat, and geek for your fandom. Why not put the two together and geek for your cat with these fan-tastic cat trees?

1. Beam Me Up, Pussycat


For the enterprising feline, this is the ultimate way to explore the final frontier – just climb aboard this scratch-ship!

2. Defender of the (Cat) Universe


Made up of five robotic lions, this member of the Voltron Lion force makes it safe for his domesticated cousins to jump, climb, play, and presumably nap.

3. Cat WHO?


Your kitty has at least nine lives – so doesn't that qualify her to be a Time Lord? Let her rule her own micro-universe from her TARDIS.... Just tell her to watch out for Daleks!

4. Mushroom Catdom


Your kitty will have no excuse not to play in her custom Super Mario cat tree – it comes complete with a yellow coin on a spring!

5. An AT-AT for Your Cat-Cat


This Star Wars-inspired cathouse is a Trojan horse from a galaxy far, far away... and the perfect place for your puss to plan sneak attacks on her unsuspecting family.

6. Ahoy There, Felines!


Avast, ye scallywags – purr-ates are not just in the Caribbean!

7. Word to Harry Pawter


When your Patronus is a cat, this is the purrfect version of Hogwarts.

No matter which fandom captures your imagination, your cat will love a nerd-tastic tree. (Be honest – it's just as much a gift for you as it is for them!)

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