11 Animals That Are Having a Bad Hair Day

11 Animals That Are Having a Bad Hair Day

We've all had those mornings where no amount of product or brushing can fix the limp mop on the top of your head. If it makes you feel any better, your pets can have bad hair days, too!

Here are 11 animals suffering through the worst bad fur days:

1. Single Strand Stretch

badhair 1

Image Source: Backyard Chickens

When you've been binge-watching The Apprentice, like this pup, you can't help but channel Donald Trump.

2. Emo Rabbit

badhair 2

Image Source: Daily Dawdle

After school, this rabbit is going straight to the garage to practice with his new band, Fall Out Bunny.

3. Ultimate Fanboy

badhair 3

Image Source: Animal Kid

This monkey is mourning the recent change in One Direction with a tribute to Zayn Malik's magnificent mane.

4. Order in the Court

badhair 4

Image Source: Online News Icon

The honorable Judge Albatross looks ready to deliver the verdict on the infamous "Bad Hair Day Case."

5. Should've Used More Gel

badhair 5
Image Source: Img Kid

Humidity in the chicken coop is the WORST.

6. Right Down the Middle

badhair 6

Image Source: Kidzone

This canine heard that middle parts were back this year, but sometimes trends just don't look good with your snout shape.

7. Don't Brush the Curls!

badhair 7

Image Source: Discovery

Somebody please get this Roseanne Roseannadanna look-alike some Moroccan Oil before she smashes the Weekend Update desk!

badhair 8

Image Source: Data Lounge

8. It's Electric!

badhair 9
Image Source: Photobucket

Sometimes, a perm just doesn't take.

9. Welcome to the 60's!

badhair 10

Image Source: OK! Magazine

The higher the hair, the cuter the pup!

10. Hairy Hamster

badhair 11

Image Source: Wimp

When you're that close to the carpet, you're bound to pick up some static cling.

11. Cat Cuts

badhair 12

Image Source: Band of Cats

That kitten hairspray was worth every penny.

Even when you're naturally cute, it's still hard to be picture perfect 100% of the time. So the next time you're having a bad hair day, think of these disheveled pets and laugh it off.


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