7 Incredible International Pets You Won't Believe People Own

7 Incredible International Pets You Won't Believe People Own

We love finding interesting creatures that people around the world own.

While dogs and cats are awesome in their own right, they aren't nearly as intriguing as these international pets:

1. South America – Capybara


Capybaras are essentially giant hamsters. So if you love that kind of rodential pet but hate their low maintenance factor, a capybara may be for you.

2. Central Africa – Serval


Owning a "big cat" is almost never a good idea for you or for the feline – or did we learn nothing from Roy, of Sigfried & Roy, who was mauled by a white tiger? Sevals are medium- sized cats at that are actually legal to own in many places, though you may need a permit. They are non-aggressive to humans, but are not necessarily a larger version of domesticated cats. They require special attention most of the time and will run away out of fear if given the chance. This makes us wonder, who is terrifying whom – but then again, you have to admit Sevals are pretty cats that might make your home seem as exotic as a Vegas show.

3. Australia – Wallaroo


A wallaroo is exactly what is it sounds like: a hybrid wallaby and kangaroo. They are quite sociable and affectionate, as well as trainable. If you have a lot of space for them to run around in then they can be quite playful, if not a bit jumpy.

4. Mexico – Axolotl


These happy looking salamanders are often found in lakes in Central Mexico. Unlike other salamanders, the Axolotl maintains a strictly underwater lifestyle, so cuddling isn't quite as simple, say, as it is with a puppy. But then again, a dog isn't as random or Muppet-like as an Axolotl.

5. Central America – Kinkajou


This permanently doe-eyed mammal is in the same family as raccoons are and is affectionately referred to as "nightcrawlers" or "honeybears." The kinkajou is a curious, playful creature that loves to explore at night, as they are also nocturnal. This is an excellent pet for club kids, menopausal women, and insomniacs in general.

6. Africa – Genet


Genets are long, lean foxlike creatures that share certain characteristics with cats but look like a ferret. In short, they have a lot going on. But owning a genet is not for everyone. They are very independent creatures with long life spans and are often difficult to care for. They require experienced, committed owners because though they can be raised to be affectionate, they often revert back to their solitary, wild behavior. Think of having a genet as a pet like owning a rock star.

7. United States – Hedgehog


While this is an international pet round up, we had to count ourselves in when it comes to owning incredible pets. The hedgehog is the new "it" pet in the US right now, with about half of them named Sonic. Hedgehogs are prickly, roly-poly balls that can be affectionate pets once they bond with their owner. However, they are naturally shy creatures so they require a great deal of patience and warming up. It's worth getting past their spikey exteriors, as inside is an adorable mush ball just waiting to love you up.

So if you're up to the challenge of some of these pets and have done your research, why not give a [legal] exotic pet a try?

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