Now That Marijuana is Officially Canine Friendly, is Your Dog a Stoner?

Now That Marijuana is Officially Canine Friendly, is Your Dog a Stoner?

It looks like humans aren't the only ones who can benefit from medical marijuana. Many veterinarians are now prescribing their patients pot-infused treats. Dubbed "canna-biscuits," these snacks help alleviate a wide variety of pet ailments, including joint pain (no pun intended) and mood disorders.


Although these treats help suffering pets, they should still be used in moderation. Otherwise, you might have a furry stoner on your hands.

Here are 9 ways to tell if your dog has been hitting the canna-biscuits a little too much:

1. They start making profound revelations about the universe:


We use the term "profound" very lightly.

2. They start taking an interest in psychedelic rock music:


Legend has it that the soundtrack of Dark Side of the Moon syncs up perfectly with Marley & Me.

3. Their eyes are redder than their favorite fire hydrant:


And he keeps claiming that his hay fever allergy is acting up! Oh, please!

4. They start forgetting about their bowl and go straight to the bag:


How else are they going to satisfy the munchies?

5. They start immersing themselves in the stoner subculture:


All this dog wants is peace, love, and belly rubs, man.

6. They become forgetful:


It's not like a dog's short term memory is very good to begin with!

7. All they want to do is sit around and be lazy... EVEN when there is a tennis ball in close proximity:


Looks like someone took that whole "let sleeping dogs lie" thing literally.

8. They look as paranoid as a conspiracy theorist visiting Area 51:


The dog catcher's coming to get me, I just know it, man!

9. There's that lingering smell on their fur:


Dogs can smell pretty terrible (depending on what they've just rolled in) but there's no mistaking that particular smell.

Now that you know the warning signs, you should be able to tell if your pup's been sneaking into Cheech and Chong's back yard. Just prepared when they try to tell you (with their big, puppy dog eyes) that they learned it all from you!

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