Could an Animal Help Your Office Boost Productivity? YES!

Could an Animal Help Your Office Boost Productivity? YES!

There’s good news for people digging for reasons to bring their pet into the office. According to a study out of Central Michigan University, team members who worked in the presence of a dog reported that they became better collaborators! 

Now that science has told us what we already know, here are 7 other ways pets can be useful office companions: 

1. The Company Mascot

OfficePets 1 

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Remember the sense of pride you felt whenever you saw your high school mascot? Imagine being as excited to be at work as you were cheering on the football team. 

2. Team Building

Nothing brings people together more than a cute and cuddly creature they can lavish attention on. Who cares that the break room is out of coffee? There’s a kitten that needs to be brushed! 

3. Desk Buddy

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When it’s the middle of winter and three quarters of the office is out with the flu, who do you turn to? The office pet. At least when he sneezes, it’s cute.

4. FURsonal Incentive

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Tell yourself that you can’t play with Mr. Fluffy Bottom until you finish those TPS reports. When that pup whips out his sad, puppy dog eyes, you’re guaranteed to work even faster!

5. Bargaining Chip

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Alternatively, if you’re the one in charge, you can withhold the office pet from your underlings until they hit their 40 hours. 

6. Cleaning Service

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They say that dogs’ mouths are cleaner than human mouths… so it’s perfectly acceptable to allow the office dog to lick the dishes clean, isn’t it? 

7. Paper Shredder

Cat Nomming Paper

Dog ate your homework? Have the office cat dispose of your important numbers! Donkey’s are naturals at this job, too. 

So get down to your local shelter and start hiring! Just don’t be alarmed when your candidate starts licking your face during the interview!


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