9 Pets With Their Cuddle Clone Twins

9 Pets With Their Cuddle Clone Twins

The latest craze in pet obsession is here! Cuddle Clones are customized (and expensive) plush replicas of your furry best friend.

CuddleClone 1

Image Source: Facebook

Jennifer Graham, who started the Kentucky based company, says that almost half of the orders she receives are from people wanting to memorialize their departed pet. 

Working from a photograph, Graham is able to faithfully recreate your animal down to its last spot. The stuffed animals cost around $200. 

Recently, Instagram has been over-loaded with pictures of pets standing next to their Cuddle Clone twins. 

Here are our favorite animals with theirstuffed animal doppelgangers: 

1. Plush Pitbull

CuddleClone 2

Image Source: instagram.com

Larry has been using Instagram to raise awareness for Pit Bulls. Good thing he has a little Larry to help the cause! 

2. Cuddly Corgi

CuddleClone 3

Image Source: instagram.com

Loki looks a little skeptical of his new mini-me. 

3. Cat Copy

CuddleClone 4

Image Source: instagram.com

Which kitty is the real deal? 

4. Dachshund Double

CuddleClone 5

Image Source: instagram.com

Crusoe and his double are relaxing in style. 

5. Two-Faced Twins

CuddleClone 6

Image Source: instagram.com

Venus’ features are so unique, it’s no wonder she inspired a stuffed animal!

6. Pink Pair

CuddleClone 7

Image Source: instagram.com

Cuddle Clones aren’t just for cats and dogs. Who wouldn’t want a double of Priscilla the Pig?

7. Donkey Duo

CuddleClone 8

Image Source: instagram.com

Through her double, Libby can go all the places where donkeys normally aren’t allowed. We’re not tellin’!

8. Great Dane and his Dwarf

CuddleClone 9

Image Source: instagram.com

If it weren’t for the height difference, you’d never be able to tell who was who!

9. Pair of Panting Pugs

CuddleClone 10

Image Source: instagram.com

Cuddle Clones are so good at the details, they even managed to capture this pug’s lazy tongue. 

A percentage of Cuddle Clones’ sales are donated to pet related causes, so even if you only want your stuffed companion for an adorable photo shoot—it’s totally worth the price. 


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