7 Strong Points Proving That Porcupines are the Perfect Pets

7 Strong Points Proving That Porcupines are the Perfect Pets

For those of you into less mainstream household pets, here are seven reasons why porcupines may be right for you:

1. They Look Like This When They're Babies


Just like tiny punk rockers after a long night slam dancing – adorable, with a little morning-after prickliness.

2. They're Pet-Friendly (as long as you raise them with pets from an early age!)


Porcupines are generally pretty chill. If you raise them around other pets, they'll most likely grow up together without incident! HOWEVER, do not introduce a grown porcupine into your pet-filled home – that would be very quilly of you!

3. This is What They Sound Like When They "Talk"

Like wee squeaky Ewoks – hauntingly adorbs.

4. They're Very Friendly


Porcupine quills are only dangerous when the critter is alarmed. You can regularly pet and hold them without getting stuck.

5. They're Very Affectionate

Despite their prickly appearance, porcupines just want hugs and love.

6. They're Sweet


You've got a friend in porcupines.

7. They're Low-Maintenance

Porcupines eat fruits and vegetables, and they love bread. They would shred any cute pet outfits you put on them, and they're not much for chew toys or other fancy accouterments, so no special trips to the pet store for these guys!

So don't get stuck with a conventional pet! Porcupines are just about perfect (accidental pricks and pokes aside =)

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