7 NON-CHIHUAHUAS That Will Bring the Pets in Purses Trend Back

7 NON-CHIHUAHUAS That Will Bring the Pets in Purses Trend Back

Tiny dogs in purses have long been the Hollywood elite's favorite accessories. Well move over Chihuahuas – these OTHER pets are taking a starring role in today's handbags full of adorableness.

1. A Pig in a Purse


While we love the color contrast between the purse and the guinea pig, she might mistake her lush surroundings for a patch of grass and gnaw her way right through "dinner."

Cuteness: 9
Stylin': 4

2. Puss 'n Purse


This cat decided to go the Chanel route, matching her fur to her bag. Le Freaks – this is très chic!

Cuteness: 8
Stylin': 8

3. Bowed Over Bag


This dog is one fancy bitch. No doubt Louis Vuitton purse had her in mind as the perfect accessory to their classic bag.

Cuteness: 8
Stylin': 11

4. Handbag Hedgehog


Note how the smooth leather is a perfect contrast to this spiffy lady's quills. Now that's some hard core power clashing.

Cuteness: 10
Stylin': 10

5. Le Bark Sac


She's rockin' it with her bow and her bold choice of purse print!

Cuteness: 10
Stylin': 9

6. Canine Carryall?


Call the fashion police – this is NOT a good look for any doggie diva! On second thought, maybe the ASPCA would be a better choice... poor puppy!

Cuteness: 0
Stylin': 0

7. Pouch full o' Puss


Technically that's a Scottish sporran. Not currently en vogue, but when accessorized with the world's cutest kitten, it's an absolute must-have!

Cuteness: 1,000,000+
Stylin': We'll take 200 of them immediately

Wear your pet with pride, fellow freaks!

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