11 Pets That Rock Outrageous Eyewear

11 Pets That Rock Outrageous Eyewear

Glasses are a distinct fashion statement, especially when worn by these 11 cute pets:

1. Mini-Lennon


His name is Mr. Trips, and now you can see why.

2. Hipster Cat


"The beanie's made out of organic catnip, and I scored the glasses at Warby Purrker."

3. Little Buddy Holly


"I love you, Peggy Sue!"

4. Carbon + Astatine = CAt


"Now that we know how to whip up cheese in the lab, next lesson we'll discuss how to build a better mousetrap."

5. I Thought the Readers Would Help...


"I can't make heads nor tails from these directions. They call it 'easy,' but honesty I'd rather herd cats than try to pull on this confounded contraption. Whadya say we go off-leash and call it a day?"

6. Intellectual Owl


"Hoo's smarter – your average owl or me? I think the answer is staring you in the face."

7. Move Over, Miss Piggy


"I know you think that diva's cornered the fabulous market, but just between us lil' piggies, I ham it up better than that swine."

8. Smart Chick


"One more quack like that, and you're outta here, Mister!"

9. Barking Bad


"I know I don't look like a dog kingpin, but trust me – my bite is far worse than my bark!"

10. DJ Seal


"Bitches be lovin' my flubber!"

11. Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory


"Justice may be blind, but freedom is something we all can see."

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