We Now Pronounce You Pet and Pet: 9 Pet Couples Get Married!

We Now Pronounce You Pet and Pet: 9 Pet Couples Get Married!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Turn on the wedding march now for optimum cuteness.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to join these adorable pets in holy matrimony.

Are there any objections?

Of course not!

1. Purrfect Union


These cool cats enjoyed an intimate yet lavish black tie wedding. (Although Mrs. Cat was a little pissed that the Mr. chose to wear his glasses in the official wedding portrait.)

2. Modern Dog Bride


She decided on a less traditional gold collar/veil combo, and he went for the blinged-out bowtie.

3. The Big Day


It didn't matter that she was small and he was ... well, very much the opposite. The difference in their size was dwarfed by their love!

4. Prickly Kisses


This couple couldn't be more thrilled to spend their lives together – even if they both had their backs up when it came to heading down the aisle.

5. Shotgun Wedding


They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas – but marriage is not something you can easily leave behind. Someone should've told these two crazy kitties that tying the knot after a night of hitting the catnip hard is not the best idea.

6. A Cheep Wedding!


This bride and groom opted for a natural, rustic wedding venue.

7. Tipping the Scale in Favor of Love


The tailoring was perfect, their beachside venue was sunny and bright, and there were plenty of flies for all of their guests.

8. Wedded Diss


The groom was clear with all of their guests: never call a bride husky on her wedding day!

9. A Little Purrvous


The bride wasn't sure about her self-written meows. Her soon-to-be husband, however, was more than ready to tie the knot.

Be sure to go to the reception! Who knows? Maybe you'll catch the catnip bouquet and find yourself taking the next trip down the aisle!

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