Happy Cute Year! 10 Adorable Animals to Usher in 2015

Happy Cute Year! 10 Adorable Animals to Usher in 2015

Sigh. The holidays are over, and it's time to turn our attention to the daily grind once again. But don't despair! Here are ten ridiculously cute baby animals to help put a smile on your face in 2015.

1. Benjamin the Pygmy Goat:

Aw, COME ON! This little guy is so cute, he could hop his way into any grouch's heart. It's easy to see why this orphaned miniature goat from England has become a worldwide internet sensation.

2. Munchkin the Shih Tzu Teddy Bear:

Part puppy, part re-animiated teddy bear, this little woofer might be creepy if she weren't so adorable. In case you're confused (like we were), she's a Shi Tzu wearing a teddy bear costume.

3. Waddling Penguins in Christmas sweaters:

We want these tuxedo-clad gentlemen to waddle right into our arms!

4. Puppy Singing "Let it Go":

If we have to hear this song for the 480,000th time, it might as well be coming from a sweet Australian Shepherd.

5. A Tea Cup Pig:

OK, so he might not actually fit inside a teacup anymore, but we're still suckers for any animal that's shrunk down to puppy size.

6. An Otter Who Eats at the Table:

Welcome this well-mannered lady to a seat at your dinner table! Just don't ask her to use a knife and fork...

7. A Savannah Cat:

Why should the children of eccentric millionaires have all the fun? We want to be 5 years old with the world's largest domestic cat, too!

8. Harry the Pygmy Hippo:

What the WHAT!? Check out 1:01 where Harry is basking in the enjoyment of his bath, and you'll be inventing excuses for why you need to get—and raise—a pygmy hippo.

9. A Tufted Deer:

Why hasn't anyone made a Twilight-style movie about falling in love with one of these charming "vampire" deers??!

10. This Turquoise Cat:

Somehow, this Bulgarian Cat accidentally turned himself green and confounded a nation. But that didn't stop him from being darling!

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