9 Celeb Patronuses Harry Potter & You Would Like to See

9 Celeb Patronuses Harry Potter & You Would Like to See

In the world of Harry Potter, every wizard has a Patronus—a magical creature that will protect them in their time of need. We couldn’t help but wonder, what kind of Patronus would our favorite celebrities have? 

Here are 9 celebrities matched with their animals Patronus:

1. Liam Neeson - Lion

Patronus 1

Image Source: a1.web.wt-cdn.com

Noble, brave, and scary as hell, Liam Neeson shares many traits with the majestic lion, making this beast the perfect Patronus for him! The actor voiced Aslan in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, proving that he and lions are kindred spirits. 

2. Gary Busey - Baboon

Patronus 2

Image Source: images.complex.com & thomasfortenberry.net

The spirit of the baboon Patronus is reflected in Gary Busey’s fun-loving (and sometimes dimwitted) nature. Plus, it looks like they were separated at birth! 

3. Kerry Washington - Swan

Patronus 3

 Image Source: i.huffpost.com & swandive.org


Swans exude elegance and strength, just like Kerry Washington. Granted, we’re pretty sure Kerry wouldn’t need a Patronus to protect her… she is Olivia Pope. If she can take down B613, she can handle just about anything. 

4. Harry Styles- Puppy Dog

Patronus 5

Image Source: yareah.com & images5.fanpop.com

Harry Styles basically is a puppy dog. He’s cute, cuddly and makes all the ladies swoon. If a Patronus is supposed to be an extension of your personality, there is no better match for Harry than an adorable puppy. 

5. Kanye West- Angry Bull

Patronus 4

Image Source: acclaimmag.com & cdns2.freepik.com

We definitely do not want to upset either one of these unpredictable beasts. The bull would make the perfect Patronus for Yeezy, if only for the fact that they both have a habit of charging into situations and causing a mess. 

6. Lady Gaga- Peacock

Patronus 7

Image Source: etonline.com & wired.com

In a business full of peacocks, Lady Gaga is the Queen. She is flamboyant and proud, just like a stunning, strutting bird. 

7. Hugh Jackman- Wolverine

Patronus 6

Image Source: imageserver.moviepilot.com & wildanimalfightclub.com

Since Jackman has already made a career out of playing a character named “Wolverine,” this one’s a bit of a no-brainer, don’t you think?

8. Tina Fey- Owl

Patronus 8

Image Source: cdn.hellogiggles.com & fc00.deviantart.net

Tina Fey is a hoot, so the owl is a perfect Patronus for her! 

9. Taylor Swift - Wolf (In Sheep’s Clothing)

Patronus 9

Image source: rack.2.mshcdn.com & static.tvtropes.org

Taylor said it herself: she’s a nightmare dressed like a daydream, just like a wolf in sheep’s clothing…or a wolf in granny’s clothing, for that matter. 

We’re pretty sure that none of these celebrities will have to deal with a surprise Dementor attack anytime soon, but it’s fun to think about which animals would serve as their Patronus. What animals would be your magical protector? 


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