9 Superheroes Reimagined as Pets. Too Pawesome to Handle

9 Superheroes Reimagined as Pets. Too Pawesome to Handle

We always freak for superhero pets, and we love it when artists let their imaginations run faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive, to create kick ass portraits of our beloved saviors in animal form.

Here are our favs from two super artists – Josh Lynch (Link to:  ), who did "The Dogs of the Marvel Universe" and "shameless nerd," and cat-lover, Jenny Parks.

1. Iron Cat


Billionaire playboy philanthropist and genius cat.

2. Spider-Pug


Does whatever a spider-pug can!

3. Black (Cat) Widow


With her trademark scarlet mane, Black Widow is no pussycat. A former Russian spy, Black Widow avenges both mice and men with the tangled webs she weaves.

4. Fear the Wolverine


Whether he's crushing Buds or using those paws to claw, the Wolverine is one smokin' badass.

5. Hulk(itty)


Don't make him mad. You wouldn't like him when he's mad!

6. Dogtor Octopuss


Peter Pugker better keep an eye out.

7. Thor Kittyson


Thou didst not reckon with the might of Thorkitty, knave! Or did you...?

8. Captain Pupmerica and the Red Skullcat


One of them stands for truth, justice, and the American way. The other, well, not so much.

9. Catman and Bane


He's the hero this kitty deserves.

Can we make these pet-driven movies happen, please?


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