13 Guinea Pigs Show You Why They're the New IT Pet

13 Guinea Pigs Show You Why They're the New IT Pet

Guinea Pigs are currently enjoying a sudden surge of popularity. So many people have fallen in love with the critters that "Pignics," events where hundreds of guinea fans gather to praise the pig, are happening internationally.


Here are 13 reasons why guinea pigs are rightfully on top of the pet world right now:

1. They're always available for a group study:


2. They're healthy eaters:


3. They believe in magic:


4. All types of magic:


5. They are video game enthusiasts:


6. They're musical:


7. They're always really excited to see you:

8. They respect the other animals in your life:


9. They've got rather majestic hair:


10. They understand the importance of an education:


11. They're always ready to defend you as needed:


12. They know their worth:


13. And they're just really cool dudes:


Now that you have photographic proof that these pets are super baller, what's to stop you from joining the guinea pig revolution?

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