11 Dogs That are in Better Shape Than You Are

11 Dogs That are in Better Shape Than You Are

You made that New Year’s resolution not that long ago and you’ve only been to the gym once. But your dog has become a regular at doga (dog yoga) and he’s starting to look good.  

And he’s not the only pooch who’s been hitting the gym.  We found 11 dogs that are in way better shape than you, puny human. 

1. Tracksuit Terrier


Image Source: tinyurl.com

This tough guy keeps his muscles warm while looking cool. 

2. Weight-Lifting Weiner

InShape 2

Image Source: barkpost.com

This little guy is ready to PUPPY YOU UP. 

3. Dogtown Dog

InShape 3

Image Source: worldrecordacademy.com

This bulldog actually holds the world record for being the fastest skateboarding canine. 

4. Downward Dog

InShape 4

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

This dog is so zen, even a new chew toy couldn’t pull him away from the mat. 

5. Running Rascals

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

The doggies that run together stay together. 

6. Frisbee Freak

InShape 6

Image Source: dogheirs.com

This dog’s dedication to Frisbee-catching is matched only by his dedication to receiving belly rubs. 

7. Touchdown!

InShape 7

Image Source: sport-kid.net

This poor little buddy is tuckered out from the big game. Maybe he’ll win MVP… Most Valuable Puppy?  

8. Sweatband and Shades

InShape 8

Image Source: socialwatch.co

This Frenchie is ready to sweat in style. 

9. Doga Dame

InShape 9

Image Source: barkpost.com

This lithe lady is ready to practice in pink. 

10. Yo, Adrian! 

InShape 10

Image Source: barkpost.com

This boxer dog is really living up to his name. 

11. Lift and Stretch

InShape 11

Image Source: barkpost.com

This corgi can’t wait to look as good in a leotard as Jane Fonda does. 

Hopefully after seeing these gym rats, you’ll be inspired to slim down and tone up. 

But if you want to spend your afternoon like this:  

InShape 12

Image Source: guff.com

That’s perfectly cool too! You’re adorable no matter what. 


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