Help Baby Kangaroos With Just A Needle and Thread

Help Baby Kangaroos With Just A Needle and Thread

Are you a pro with the needle and thread?  Were you the star student in Home Ec?  Make your own clothes?  Good!  There are animals in Australia who need your help!

The International Fund for Animal Welfare is asking volunteers to sew pouches for baby kangaroos who were orphaned in recent bush fires in South Australia.

The joeys need to be kept warm and quiet in an environment that’s similar to their mothers’ pouch. Caregivers have been swaddling them in cotton pouches, but those have to be washed after every feeding, and one joey can go through 6 of them in a day! That’s a lot of laundry.

Recently, the IFAW asked animal lovers to donate cotton “mittens” for koalas with burned paws.   They were overwhelmed when they received thousands of mittens from all over the world after a picture of a koala wearing the mittens went viral.

kangaroo 2 

Image Source: Huffington Post 

Sewing instructions for the 100% cotton pouches can be found here

When you’re finished, send the pouches to: IFAW at 6 Belmore Street, Surry Hills 2010, Australia.

Now visualize a cute baby kangaroo cuddling up in your creation.  Aww.

kangaroo 3 

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