13 of the Cutest Reasons Ever to Celebrate National Puppy Day!

13 of the Cutest Reasons Ever to Celebrate National Puppy Day!

March 23rd is National Puppy Day! But let's be honest, did we really need to use a holiday as an excuse to share our love of those cute cuddle monsters?

Here are 13 reasons why our puppy obsession knows no bounds:

1. They're teeny tiny (if only for a little while.)

PupDay 1

Image Source: Hello Adorable

This whole puppy is smaller than this woman's hand and he's STILL trying to give her a high five.

2. They are furry dog babies.

PupDay 2

Image Source: Buzzfeed

Precious and perfect... with cheeks just asking for a squeezin'.

3. They can be squishy like Teddy bears...

PupDay 3

Image Source: Eastbound 88

Why do they even make Teddy bears when there are puppies this cute?

4. They will never turn down a chance to play Tug-of-War.

PupDay 4

Image Source: Imgur

(Even if it's with the strap of a $1,000 camera.)

5. They're expert nappers...

PupDay 5

Image Source: Imgur

They're like little fluffy floor clouds!

6. We can spend the whole day looking at them on Instagram:

PupDay 6

Image Source: Buzzfeed

Some Instagram puppies are richer than most people!

7. Even when they're kind of gross...

PupDay 7

Image Source: Pets Lady

Come on, little dude.

8. Or when they're about to steal your dinner...

PupDay 8

Image Source: The Berry

You already had some perfectly nice kibble, mister.

9. Or when it seems like all you're saying is "NO!"

PupDay 9

Image Source: Buzwinkle

At least she's getting into the spirit of potty training?

10. And when they're getting on your nerves for chewing EVERYTHING:

PupDay 10

Image Source: Buzzfeed

I don't need a working laptop. It's fine, puppy.

11. They can still surprise us...

PupDay 11

Image Source: Buzzfeed

With their bravery.

12. Look at him staying strong during his first bath:

PupDay 12

Image Source: Buzzfeed

Just wait till he discovers the joy of shaking himself dry!

13. And you realize you just met your best friend.

PupDay 13

Image Source: Imgur

The cutest cuddle buddy.
Let's hear it for the puppies!

PupDay 14

Image Source: Antonia Heil

Happy National Puppy Day everyone!


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