10 Resolutions All Pets Should Make This New Year

10 Resolutions All Pets Should Make This New Year

1. I will stop peeing on the carpet.

pet resolutions1

Image source: Pinterest

2. I will stop eating human food that is not offered to me. And I will then stop vomiting it up.

pet resolutions2 

Image source: The Vet Practice

3. I will suck it up during bath time.

pet resolutions3

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4. I will bare my teeth nicely when it's time to brush.

pet resolutions4

Image source: AJU Photography on Flickr

5. I will stop chasing the neighborhood squirrels.

pet resolutions5

Image source: Instagram

6. I will try to become friends with the cat next door.

pet resolutions6

Image source: 123 Animaux

7. I will stop guilting my owner so much for leaving me at home while she runs errands.

pet resolutions7

Image source: Stanton Sunshine

8. I will try to only chew on my toys.

pet resolutions8

Image source: Dog Training Hall

9. I will not try to run away when I hear the word "vet."

pet resolutions9

Image source: Commons

10. will work on my 'playing dead' technique to stop tongue-wagging and tail-wiggling.


Image source: Dog Time


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