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According to the ASPCA, there are approximately 7.6 million pets that are admitted into animal shelters each year. With only an estimated 13,600 independent community animal shelters nationwide, there are just too many animals and not enough help. Shelters rely heavily on volunteers to help keep operations running smoothly. By volunteering at an animal shelter, you're not only helping animals in need, but you can help yourself, too.

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Bob Barker and Adam Sandler recently reunited for A Night of Too Many Stars, an autism benefit airing on Comedy Central this Sunday, March 8th.

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Did you know that there is a magical fox sanctuary nestled in the mountains of Japan? 

The Zao Fox Village, a haven for more than 100 free roaming foxes, is a 3-hour bullet-train ride away from Tokyo.

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We all love giving gifts to our pets around the holidays, but there are also millions of shelter animals who don’t have an owner to pamper them. This year, why not donate your buddy’s holiday gift to your local animal shelter instead? We’ve compiled a list of supplies that are most needed in shelters across the country. Some items might surprise you!

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