How Moisturizing Your Skin Can Help Save Animals

How Moisturizing Your Skin Can Help Save Animals

Lush is a British cosmetics company that makes natural vegan products like glitter infused bath bombs and sweet smelling shampoo. The company is firmly against animal testing, so they've rightly been beloved by animal rights activists for the last twenty years.

 Lush 1

Image Source: The Guardian

If a company that only tests their products on human volunteers isn't enough to make you fall in love with Lush, take a look at their Charity Pot:

Lush 2

Image Source: Lush USA


The Charity Pot is a body lotion that's made with deliciously soothing things like cocoa butter and aloe. 100% of the proceeds (minus tax) go directly to one of the grass roots organizations that Lush supports.

Here are just a FEW of the animal charities that have been helped by Lush:

1. Kurmalliance

Lush 3

Image Source: Kurm Alliance


Kurmalliance is a non-profit organization that works on preserving and protecting the marine ecosystems that sea turtles call home. They are vigilant about eliminating plastic pollution are frequently do a plastic clean up of the Santa Monica bay. Funds from the Lush Charity Pot helped them to launch Operation: Bio-Boat, a biodiesel work boat that transports volunteers down the California coast to help pick up plastic.

2. Pacific Wild Alliance

Lush 4

Image Source: Pacific Wild Alliance


The Pacific Wild Alliance is a conservation organization dedicated to the wildlife in Canada's Pacific coast. Lush Cosmetics equipped them with equipment for the Great Bear LIVE Project, a program that uses new technology to monitor the bears, wolves, salmon and whales that live in this region of British Columbia.

3. The Web of Life Foundation (or W.O.L.F)

Lush 5

Image Source: Web of Life Foundation


W.O.L.F. conducts environmental outreach in public schools to teach children about how humans interact and effect animals. They also have "Comfort in Wilderness" camps where children tell stories and write songs about animals and nature. Proceeds from the Charity Pot helped the organization to lobby the Minnesota government for laws to protect the Gray wolf.

4. Le Nichoir

Lush 6

Image Source: Le Nichoir


Le Nichior is dedicated to teaching people about how to properly treat and care for injured or orphaned wild birds. The Charity Pots helped this organization to build a new multi-unit aviary.

5. Operation Blankets of Love

Lush 7

Image Source: Operation: Blankets of Love


Operation Blankets of Love gives comfort items, like blankets and toys, to animal shelters and rescue groups. Lush donates money to their Humane Education Learning Program, which runs in-school programs about responsible pet ownership.

Who knew so much good could come from one little pot of moisturizer? The Charity Pot sells for $6.95 - $25.95. Hopefully more companies will follow Lush's stellar example and start spreading love to animals around the world!


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